Did you know that the United States government puts out recommendations with the help of research organizations every couple of years to give the population something to shoot for?  Did you know that the current recommendations state that in order to lower your risk of heart disease and pesky things like early death, it is suggested that we get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week OR 90 minutes of vigorous activity each week.  Moderate activity is defined as anything about about 50-60% of your max.  Examples would be a light jog, elliptical, cardio, any lifting, etc.  Vigorous activity would be at or above 80% of your capabilities.  Examples including Crossfit, P90X, Boot Camp, HIIT training, etc.  So, basically if you can make it to the gym twice per week, and then cut your own grass, you meet these recommendations.  Did you know that only between 1 in 7 and 1 in 8 American adults meet these relatively loose requirements?  Yikes.  No wonder we are fat and behind the rest of the world.  It really doesn’t take that much.  It doesn’t even need to be work in the gym.  Jump rope, run with the dog, hell, run with the kids.  The point is is that these guidelines SHOULD be blown away by most people, and yet we fall further and further behind each year.  do something about it.  Get up, get active.  Count your minutes and watch your health improve dramatically.