I’d like to piggy back on an idea that I have written about before and a colleague of mine was good enough to remind me of yesterday with a well played post.  So help me if I see/hear one more idiot trainer tell their client to “push through it” when the client says they are feeling pain.  No pain, no gain is just stupid.  Pain is your body telling you that you are not doing something the right way.  If I’m doing KB swings, they shouldn’t hurt my back.  They do because I’m rounded over, or not using my hips the right way, or something like that.  I am not going to push through it.  It’s trainers like this that give the rest of us a bad name.  Uneducated rep counters who got a cert by reading a book over a long weekend somewhere.  I swear that the next time that I hear it or see it, I’m going to find the nearest medicine ball and hurl it at the back of their head.  Maybe the ensuing concussion would make them think twice before hurting someone else.  So, as that happens, odds are that I will end up in jail, so subsequently I’ll need someone to post my bail.  I’m pretty sure that it’s all justified, so it’s OK, right?