In the 1960’s the USDA gave us a gift.  Since, apparently we were not capable of feeding ourselves as we had for hundreds of years, they decided to give us a gift.  They put out the Food Guide Pyramid.  This was the gift to keep on giving.  Letting us know how to eat and what we should put in our faces.  Nevermind that it went against most of the accepted research at the time, and was put forth by Joe McCarthy (who was a staunch and noted vegetarian, by the way).  Now, let’s understand this gift, so we can be properly thankful for it.  At the very base of this eating guide, we find our grains.  6-11 servings per day.  Do you all know what 2 of the biggest crops in the US have been since the end of WWII?  Corn and Wheat.  Did you also know that 2 of the 3 largest GM (Genetically Modified) crops around are corn and wheat?  The wheat of today and the corn of today are absolutely nothing like what we had back in the day.  The people who spray pesticides on corn have to wear biohazard suits to do so, but we can just munch on it?  Really.  The wheat has been so genetically altered in order to increase yields that many digestive systems don’t even process it properly.  Now, in the in-between, we find fruits, veggies, legumes and proteins (however the portions of these are sadly lacking).  And up at the top of the pyramid we find sugars and oils to be used “sparingly”.  Now, sugars, fine.  Too much processed sugar can lead to all sorts of health issues, and that’s OK (even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while).  But oils.  Let’s talk about oils?  What type of oils are we recommended?  Polyunsaturated vegetable oils.  Do you know what makes up the 2 most recommended oils?  Soybean oil (basic vegetable oil) and corn oil.  Do you know what that other top 3 GM product is?  Soybeans.  Do you know how to derive oil from an olive?  Squeeze it.  From a coconut?  Press it (because you can’t squeeze a coconut, silly).  Hold and ear of corn or a soybean in your hand.  Where is the oil, and how do I get it out?  I heat it and treat it with enzymes so that it doesn’t rancidify and breakdown on the spot.  But that’s what is good for me?  So, you have to ask yourself about this gift.  Who was it a gift to?  The general public?  Probably not.  How many of you actually believe that any department of the government TRULY has YOUR best interests at heart.  You know better than that.  The pyramid was actually put out to regulate food intake to help the farmers.  Now, I’m all for that, believe me, few people work as hard as they do.  But the restrictions they put out are a little bit ridiculous, and have taken their toll on our population.  Look at what’s happened since the first food guide came out.  Obesity, diabetes, chronic disease?  All have been rising at alarming rates.  There has to be a connection there, right?  Probably.  Remember, just because they tell you it’s good for you, don’t take it at face value.  Do your research and find The Truth.