I apologize for my abscence earlier this week. My family lost a good man over the weekend.  My grandfather passed. He was the embodiment of a healthy active life. Served in the Navy during WWII. That’s back in the day when soldiers had to be in good shape just to get in. After that he was a postman.  Walked his route for 30 years. He ate good food and enjoyed a good life. Lived to be almost 93. A testament to healthy living, and a legacy that both sides of my family share. The habits that his generation taught my parents, they in turn taught to me, and I am currently trying to instill those same healthyvalues in my own children.  Life can be good, you just have to make it so. Rumors has it that the government is trying to take away some of our dietary choices. Another discussion for another day. Have a good one, and make the best of it.