March 2013

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OK, so maybe it’s a love/hate thing.  Maybe I should have the letters tattooed on my hands.  Maybe not.  Kettlebells have become one of the more popular exercise modalities out there.  Every gym, studio and trainer uses them.  And, if used well, they can be hugely beneficial.  Personally, I love them.  Love the KBs.  They can do so many different things.  They can train stability, strength, balance and power all at the same time.  They work the neural, muscular and cardiovascular systems simultaneously.  They can increase core strength, pelvic mobility and shoulder stabilization.  Plus, who doesn’t want to look cool throwing a huge glob of iron around.  Most of the movements involve multiple joints and body systems at the same time.  That’s why, if NOT done properly, they can be just as dangerous as they are beneficial.  Kettlebells, due to the momentum that they can create, can create some pretty big forces on the body.  If mis-applied, we know that that can be really harmful, right?  So, get some instruction.  Watch a video.  YouTube is an invaluable resource.  Seek out a trainer who knows about the KBs.  Someone who can teach you the techniques to make sure that you are working efficiently and right.  Just like anything else.  Like I said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE using the Kettlebells.  Not a week goes by when most of my clients don’t handle them at some point, and for some exercise.  But when we do, we are educated.  I teach and watch and break it down.  We may not do a full movement in a day, only a part.  Or, we may not do the more complex movements before we master the simpler ones (the KB Swing, for example).  Everything in the body has a compounding effect.  If you do things well, they will compound into even better things down the line.  However, if you do things poorly, you will start to pick up speed as you roll down the hill.  Keep Calm, and Swing on!!


It’s no secret how to get what you want.  Work for it.  Duh.  There is no magic pill, no juice in a bottle that will work off what you spend a lifetime screwing up.  If you eat healthly and work your ass off, you’ll get the body you want. Stop longing after what other people have.  They weren’t born with it, they work for it.  You have to earn it every day (well almost every day).  Be good 75% of the time and you’ll find yourself in a good place.  Go make 75% good decisions today.

Its not a diet

If you’re anything like me, you get sick and tired of people who, just because they hold some celebrity status, thinking that I give a crap about their opinions on important stuff.  Politics, wellness, education, you name it, they have an opinion and think that you need to hear what it is.  The latest is this South American born model.  I know, I know, stop right there, right?  No, but you HAVE to hear this one.  This model, who shall remain nameless (but you can find her HERE), thinks that because chickens are given hormones in their feed, that it is making kids turn homosexual.  If that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard, raise your hand.  Now, I’m not here to tell you that hormones in your food are fine.  Those of you who know me and read here, know just the opposite.  Hormones in your milk, meat and other foods can cause all sorts of issues.  I’m pretty sure that homosexuality is NOT one of them.  Just crazy, silly stuff.  Listen, if you have an educated opinion, and a captive audience, go for it.  If you’re stupid, don’t prove it by opening y0ur mouth.

So many people wonder why they never seem to reach their goals.  Why they “try and try”, but nothing ever seems to happen.  Fitness, work, life, whatever.  Well, you reap what you sow, as the old saying goes.  Those people who always seem to get ahead, well, they bust their asses to get there.  They get ahead on work ethic, commitment and effort.  If you don’t give an honest hard effort to everything that you do, then you generally don’t get the results.  I watch people come into the gym every day.  They spend time.  Sometimes in excess of 90 minutes, or even a couple of hours.  But in that time, they may do 20-30 minutes of REAL WORK, if even that.  Work that makes them sweat.  Work that may make them sore.  The gym is a social place.  They come, they chat.  They wander around not really knowing what to do.  Imagine if you went to your job, and instead of focusing on the task at hand and making real headway, you did a little of this, spaced out for a while, did a little of that and then went home.  What would actually get done?  Nothing, right?  Once again, same principle, different application.  You have to dedicate yourself to ANYTHING that you want to be good at.  You want results with little to no effort on your part?  Buy a lottery ticket.  The odds of success are just about as good.  For the rest of us, we’ll put in the time and effort and get the results.  Then we’ll laugh when everyone else complains that they can’t get ahead.  It’s not a secret and it’s not rocket science.  Join the club and get to work.

you get what you give

There is a reason that most of the most successful programs are what they are these days.  We are moving more and more away from muscle isolation exercises and into multi-joint, multi-planar movements.  Instead of things like bicep curls, we are rowing and pulling.  Instead of leg extensions, we are squatting, lunging and deadlifting.  These types of exercises provide SO much more benefit.  So much more bang for the buck.  The basic rule of the body is that the more muscles, systems and directions that you can use, the more benefit you will get.  More hormonal interaction.  More neural activation.  More calories burned, more weight lost, more muscle gained.  Isolation exercises originated with bodybuilders.  They became our first generation of personal trainers, because they were the only ones in the gym before that.  Therefore, not to knock, but they taught what they knew.  There is an old saying that goes “Do the best with what you have.  But when you learn better, do better.”  The fitness industry has fought that for years.  We are learning better, but people are still stubbornly hanging on to what is comfortable, because it’s what they know.  Don’t be that guy (girl).  You are learning better.  So therefore, do better.  Your body will thank you.  Not only in the long run, but in the short run, as well.

Somewhere along the line, we got an idea in our society.  The idea that if some is good, then more must be better.  The thought that if it’s a good thing, then it can in no way be bad for us at all.  The truth is that this mentality rarely ever truly holds true.  What we actually find is that even things that are good for us, when taken (or done) in excess, can be just as harmful.  Take the mineral Iron, for example.  Iron deficiency can lead to the condition of Anemia.  A condition suffered by about a billion people worldwide (many in under-developed nations).  So, the solution is to get as much Iron as possible in order not to contract this awful condition, right?  Not so fast.  Iron toxicities can lead to issues with a lot of organ systems in the body, including stomach, brain and liver.  Well, the whole point of this being that the same is true of exercise.  We know that exercise is the ultimate good thing, right?  Keeps us younger, and has a positive impact on 5 of our 8 risk factors for CAD.  So, if some is good, then more must be better, right?  No.  Chronic over-exercising can lead to both physical and neural fatigue in the body.  Negatively impacting neural function, physical performance, psychological well-being and even immune function and sleep habits.  So, what’s the solution?  What’s the answer?  The answer is that you have to keep working out.  Sorry about that.  But there is a point where too much can be too much.  Honestly, try NOT to workout 7 days in a week (unless you are training for a specific event).  Have a day or 2 days that you are not in the gym or working out.  Gives that body a chance to recover and reload.  Also, schedule a week (yes, an ENTIRE WEEK) every now and again that you don’t work out.  We call it “active rest”.  It’s an extended opportunity for the body to recover.  Odds are, what you will ultimately see is a rebound in the way that your body works.  You’ll actually come back after a week and be BETTER than you were.  Amazing, right?  So if some is good then more is better?  Not quite.  Don’t let that rest extend much, if any, longer than that if avoidable.  After about that week (or s0) off, your body will actually start to significantly regress.  Inactivity is not the answer, either.  So go, workout, be healthy.  But do it smartly, and get some recovery and rest, as well.

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