So many people wonder why they never seem to reach their goals.  Why they “try and try”, but nothing ever seems to happen.  Fitness, work, life, whatever.  Well, you reap what you sow, as the old saying goes.  Those people who always seem to get ahead, well, they bust their asses to get there.  They get ahead on work ethic, commitment and effort.  If you don’t give an honest hard effort to everything that you do, then you generally don’t get the results.  I watch people come into the gym every day.  They spend time.  Sometimes in excess of 90 minutes, or even a couple of hours.  But in that time, they may do 20-30 minutes of REAL WORK, if even that.  Work that makes them sweat.  Work that may make them sore.  The gym is a social place.  They come, they chat.  They wander around not really knowing what to do.  Imagine if you went to your job, and instead of focusing on the task at hand and making real headway, you did a little of this, spaced out for a while, did a little of that and then went home.  What would actually get done?  Nothing, right?  Once again, same principle, different application.  You have to dedicate yourself to ANYTHING that you want to be good at.  You want results with little to no effort on your part?  Buy a lottery ticket.  The odds of success are just about as good.  For the rest of us, we’ll put in the time and effort and get the results.  Then we’ll laugh when everyone else complains that they can’t get ahead.  It’s not a secret and it’s not rocket science.  Join the club and get to work.

you get what you give