OK, so maybe it’s a love/hate thing.  Maybe I should have the letters tattooed on my hands.  Maybe not.  Kettlebells have become one of the more popular exercise modalities out there.  Every gym, studio and trainer uses them.  And, if used well, they can be hugely beneficial.  Personally, I love them.  Love the KBs.  They can do so many different things.  They can train stability, strength, balance and power all at the same time.  They work the neural, muscular and cardiovascular systems simultaneously.  They can increase core strength, pelvic mobility and shoulder stabilization.  Plus, who doesn’t want to look cool throwing a huge glob of iron around.  Most of the movements involve multiple joints and body systems at the same time.  That’s why, if NOT done properly, they can be just as dangerous as they are beneficial.  Kettlebells, due to the momentum that they can create, can create some pretty big forces on the body.  If mis-applied, we know that that can be really harmful, right?  So, get some instruction.  Watch a video.  YouTube is an invaluable resource.  Seek out a trainer who knows about the KBs.  Someone who can teach you the techniques to make sure that you are working efficiently and right.  Just like anything else.  Like I said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE using the Kettlebells.  Not a week goes by when most of my clients don’t handle them at some point, and for some exercise.  But when we do, we are educated.  I teach and watch and break it down.  We may not do a full movement in a day, only a part.  Or, we may not do the more complex movements before we master the simpler ones (the KB Swing, for example).  Everything in the body has a compounding effect.  If you do things well, they will compound into even better things down the line.  However, if you do things poorly, you will start to pick up speed as you roll down the hill.  Keep Calm, and Swing on!!