Did you know that the CDC says that anywhere from 15-19% of youth (age 6-19) are considered overweight or obese?  Did you know that number is expected to jump to up to 25% by 2015.  That’s only 2 years away.  did you know that many parents refuse to take credit for where their kids stand?  Making excuses like “it’s a hormone problem”, or “He just won’t eat anything else”, or my all time personal favorite “he’s just big-boned”.  Dinosaurs were big-boned.  Kids, not so much.  The truth is that parents have a HUGE say in what their child’s life will be like later.  Now, genetics does play a role, I will admit to that.  However, it is FAR from the only determining factor.  Go with me here.  Statistics indicate that the likelihood that 2 healthy parents raise an obese child are relatively small (not impossible, but much less so).  If only 1 parent is obese, those odds jump to about 50/50.  Yikes.  If both parents are obese, the likelihood of raising that obese child are “significant”.  There are way too many environmental factors to consider here.  Food choices being the main one.  When, where and how much we feed our kids.  And the problem is that it becomes a lifetime fight for a lot of them.  Did you know that somewhere between 80-90% of obese 13 year olds wills become obese adults?  Pretty steep odds if you make it that far.  So give your kids a fighting chance.  Have them eat good food from the beginning.  Quality is important.  It puts a little more in the food budget, but isn’t your child’s health and well-being worth it?  Mine is.