If you all follow the news, there was a pretty significant Supreme Court case last week.  Monsanto, one of the largest companies in the US was able to overturn, in the Supreme Court, lower court decisions to regulate their use of GMO towards consumers.  For those who don’t know, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.  In lower court decisions, the GMO Protection Act was shot down.  Saying that Monsanto still had to protect consumer rights and was subject to testing and regulation of their GMO crops.  Well, no longer.  Recently (last weekish) the Supreme Court overturned those lower court decisions.  This basically allows Monsanto to plant, process, produce and sell whatever the hell they want to.  Just so you know, the biggest crop that they produce is corn.  Corn is one of the most GMO crops that there is.  Their workers wear biohazard suits to spray the crops with pesticides that make the stomachs of insects literally explode.  Then they grow it and sell it to us.  Yikes.  Be careful what you buy.  Buy organic, preferably locally grown produce.  Save yourself from this stuff.  Oh, by the way, one of the Justices on the case (Clarence Thomas) ruled on the case.  He ruled in favor of Monsanto.  The significance of that is that Thomas is a former Monsanto employed lawyer.  He did NOT recuse himself from the case.  Double yikes.  Your Gubment at work.