Judgement.  It’s the first thing that most people do when they meet someone.  They judge.  They make a decision about a person, and they judge what that person is.  Justly, or not.  I am encouraging everyone to take a step back.  You have to open up your mind.  Everyone has something to offer.  You do NOT know everything.  And the people that think that they DO know everything, are often the people who know the least.  They have such a narrow perspective on the world.  And whoever doesn’t believe what they believe gets judged.  Sound familiar?  People judged Thomas Edison, said he was a failure.  People judged Einstein, said he was stupid.   It’s narrow-mindedness that limits what we can perceive and achieve.  If you judge someone, you have the opportunity to miss out on everything and anything that they have to offer.  Don’t be a narrow minded person.  It’s OK to have an “impression” of someone, but reserve judgement.  Be educated, don’t be a fool.