When you get sick, ask yourself this.  Do you treat the symptoms, or treat the disease?  The true answer may be disheartening.  When you take cold medicine, or decongestant or aspirin, are you curing the underlying issue, or just masking the real problem?  The truth is that the path to disease runs through the brain.  Think of your body as a circuit-based system.  The brain is the generator of all things.  It generates signals and impulses.  These then pass through the body.  Now, if the lines between the brain and body are clear and healthy, you are a healthy, functional person.  What happens when those lines get static-y?  Like watching TV on an old antenna.  The signals work, but they are foggy and unclear.  Therefore, the messages that they relay are not as fully functional as they should be.  So what happens is that you go from being functioning to “Mal”functioning.  You go from being at ease to being in a state of “dis”ease.  Now, disease manifests itself in signs and symptoms, just to let you know what’s up.  Now, you can cover up the check engine light with tape, and you don’t see it anymore.  But does that fix the problem?  No, it doesn’t.  In order to return to a state of wellness, there are 3 F’s that you need to think of.  Fitness, food and feeling good.  You have the physical, chemical and emotional well-being to fight off disease and dysfunction.  If these things are not in line, then you become susceptible to illness and disease.  So, in order to not be sick and unhealthy, treat the root of the condition, not just the symptoms.