Well, are you?  Nuts for nuts?  Now, before you get your head all up in the gutter, I’m talking about the FOOD.  Sickos!  Anyway, barring allergies (which generally only encompass peanuts anyway, which aren’t really a nut), you should be eating these things.  Nuts of all varieties are SUPER nutritious.  They are a great source of good fats, terrific source of protein, and also contain a lot of things like zinc, iron and magnesium that are sort of tough to get in other places.  Plus, they are super versatile and delicious.  You could eat them in a trail mix with seeds and dried fruit.  You can cook with them in stir frys or you can just eat them by the handful.  And there are so many that are so good for you.  Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, coconuts, take your pick.  So go get nuts.  Add them into your diet and make sure to have them around the house at all times.  A terrific snack and a great way to get tons of macro- and micronutrients into your diet.

nutrient-comparison-chart_asia nuts-chart