One of the latest trends in food has been portion control.  The premise of the “balanced-diet”.  Promoters will tell you that any diet shouldn’t entirely eliminate foods that you like.  While I do agree with that, these 100-calorie packs drive me nuts.  What’s the difference in a 100-calorie pack of oreos vs. a few double-stufs?  Nothing.  It’s the premise that 100 calories of our junk food is just as good a snack as a large banana (also about 100 calories, by the way).  Do you see the discrepancy there?  Your banana is going to be full of good sugars, vitamins and minerals that your body will assimilate and use for function.  What do the 100-cal packs of basically anything have?  100 calories.  That’s it.  We call them “empty” calories in the business.  Calories that have absolutely NO nutrient value whatsoever.  But food manufacturers push that 100 calories is 100 calories no matter where it’s from.  Did you know that 3 of the 5 biggest food lobbies in Washington are from the sugar industry?  Still think that the regulations are made with your best interests at heart?  When was the last time you trusted your local congress person?  Their interests are made on money and power and keeping their jobs.  Sad, but true.  Intelligent folks like you all know that calories are NOT calories.  100 is not 100 and 1000 is not 1000.  It depends heavily on where they come from.  So when you make your snack choices, try to make smart ones.  I’m not saying you have to make the right choice all the time, no one does.  Just be good MOST of the time.  You’ll look and feel better almost immediately.

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