There is an old proverb.  I’m sort of foggy on the specifics, so bear with me while I paraphrase.  It goes something like this…”You cannot change the past and you cannot predict the future.  Therefore, set your focus on today.”  This is one of most true things in the world, and yet one of the hardest to abide by.  So what if you’ve never exercised before.  Start now.  You can’t predict whether you’ll be the victim of an accident or disease.  But if you are fitter now, it will lessen your risks.  Right?  It’s a very simple premise.  But so many people spend so much time dwelling on what already was, or worried about what hasn’t happened yet that they totally disregard what is going on in their lives right now.  They forget that what you have done in the past no longer matters.  And that what you do in the present will absolutely have a direct bearing on what happens in that future that they are so concerned about.  Take your life day by day.  Take your fitness day by day.  If you missed yesterday, or can’t do tomorrow, workout today.  Take advantage.  Even if you don’t really feel it, do it.  Then, tomorrow, you can look back on this past and say that it was a healthy choice.  And it can help you re-write the future.

typcut-are-you-happy Change the past