One of the most popular trends in the fitness industry lately is small group training.  As opposed to working with a trainer one-on-one, people will come in groups of 3, 4 or 5.  What this creates is a win-win scenario for the client, the trainer and the gym.  Now, to keep the focus on the person, here goes.  Why does small group training work?  Typically, the two biggest complaints that people have with exercise are financial and motivational.  I can’t afford to or I don’t want to (we will negate the concept of lack of time for now, since that is simply a manifestation of lack of motivation, ie; if you WANTED TO, you would).  Now, what small group training offers is a solution to both.  Instead of people paying anywhere from $40- $100+ for the services of a trainer in a one-on-one scenario, they can basically split the cost up.  $20/person/session.  What that creates is value.  Now, I can get 4 or 5 sessions in a group for the price of 1 alone.  That mitigates the financial aspect, and makes directed training much more affordable and achievable.  Now, as to the motivational.  The reason most people don’t stick with a program is that they are forced to do it on their own, and let’s be honest, anyone who says they’ve never talked themselves out of a workout is either totally OCD or a liar.  Most of us have, at some point.  What the small group provides is a built in support group and an aspect of accountability.  Now, if I don’t go, I’m not only letting myself down, but the group as a whole.  Human nature says that we are more effective in a setting that demands accountability, and this provides that.  So go grab some friends and get together for a workout.  You’ll get in better shape and are more likely to enjoy the programs and stick with it long term.

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