Sometimes I feel like a doctor or a lawyer.  Not that I’m smart or rich or play a lot of golf.  Oh no!!  But, any time that people find out what we do for a living, the first thing people do is judge.  Then they ask for advice.  People see a Doctor at a party, and they start talking about their aches and pains.  People see a lawyer at a party they start asking legal questions and advice.  People see personal trainers, they start talking about their new workout routine (or more likely the one that they’re MEANING to start) and making comments about the food that they’re eating at the party.  The recognition is nice, but just like those other people, we’re people too.  Trainers get judged as clipboard holding, rep counting meatheads that do nothing but lift and do steroids.  Now, not that stereotypes don’t come from somewhere, but I’d like to think that we could get beyond that.  I like to think of myself as a teacher.  Imparting the knowledge about fitness and lifestyle on my clients that I have learned.  Helping them learn to help themselves in the process.  Our goal is not to make you have huge biceps, but to change the habits of the masses.  It’s an uphill battle sometimes, but one that I believe is worth it none-the-less.  Trainers don’t spend a few minutes with a client and prescribe a drug, or make a vague broad-based recommendation.  We know our clients.  We understand their struggles and trial and tribulations.  We help them stay on the path to wellness.  We change lives….one workout at a time.