So, it comes to our attention (everyone, that is), that as we go through our life, our weight and body shape cycle a little bit.  Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down.  Very few people are able to really consistently stay in one exact place forever.  Most people cycle up and down based on certain circumstances in their lives.  The big thing is to not get TOO overly worked up about it.  But rather, find the root of the issue and make a necessary change to re-tip the scales in your favor, so to speak.  Whether it’s a stress issue, and exercise issue or a food issue.  I know that I will be working to get back into good exercise and dietary habits that I fell out of over the long week off last week.  Little too much BBQ’s and drinky drinky, and not enough good food and good work.  It’ll be good to get the nose back to the grindstone this week to re-regulate myself and get everything  back into the right groove.  Good luck to you all and welcome back!