August 2013

They say that you are what you eat.  And those of you who know me, know that I like to believe in that.  Not that I eat perfectly on all occasions, or don’t have my vices like most other people do.  However, the vices shouldn’t be the norm.  When I shop, I drive my wife nuts.  I read the labels on all the stuff and put things back if I don’t like what it says.  Won’t by certain brands of things because they contain certain ingredients like HFCS (high fructose corn  syrup).  I spend more time in the store and more money on groceries because of it.  But, isn’t it worth it?  I like to think so.  Not only that, but we are teaching our boys about good eating habits.  Habits that they will more than likely take with them throughout life.  Nobody wants to be cheap, fake or easy, so why should your food be?

Don't be Cheap

Fitness in 3 simple steps.  How could anything be easier.  In this world of instant gratification, we are always looking for the simplest way to get from Point A to Point B.  If it’s too long or too complicated, we simply give up before we really even get going.  This leads to wishes, wants and regrets.  So, this is as simple as it gets.  If you can follow these guidelines, you’ll be in a good place.  You may not be THE best, but you can darned sure be YOUR best.

How to acheive fitness

So, what’s your motivation to do anything?  Most people have to have that carrot at the end of the stick.  That goal to strive for.  That something out there to get you from point A to point B.  The problem is recognizing that the locus of your motivation does not have to be an external one.  So many people get caught up in the competition.  Comparing themselves only in terms of how they perform against OTHERS.  But what about how you perform in relationship to yourself.  What about reducing  your risk of death and disease?  Do you think that it is a coincidence that the first four letters of the word “HEALTH” are “heal”?  That should be the main focus.  Not necessarily the competition.  You don’t have to be better than anyone else….EVER!  You just have to be better than YOU were yesterday.  Put that in perspective.  You can look back on this day one year from now and feel one of two things.  Accomplished.  Or sorry.  Which will it be?  Don’t look back and regret not starting.  Or giving up.  Keep on it and look to that internal locus of focus.  Your own motivation that makes you a little bit better person each and every day that you opt to do something instead of not.  That’s how the successful get where they are.  They weren’t born good at it.  Every expert was once a beginner and every pro was an amateur at some point.  The thing that got them where they are was the CHOICE to continue to get better each and every day.  Be part of that culture.  Be part of the wave.

fitness-motivational-quotes-33 Saving my life

In my position as an instructor, I see people every day from all different walks of life.  In our class we talk about a lot of nutrition.  We talk about the USDA/ADA recommendations, and some alternative points of view.  But one of the most popular topics that always comes up is supplements.  I see people with protein shakes, Omega-3’s, multi-vitamins and the Gawd-awful pre-workouts.  And they always ask me what I take for supplements.  My answer is simply that I don’t.  I don’t take any supplements.  I rely on my food to get me what I need on a daily basis, instead of relying on something that is chemically modified to be “better for me.”  There is nothing supplementary out there that your diet cannot and was not meant to provide in the first place.  It’s not like man evolved from our primate relatives and immediately started opening GNC’s.  We have survived for millions of years without the use of chemical supplements that really just showed up in the back half of the last century.  The point is, is that if you spent the money on food that you spend on protein, fat cutters and pre-workout garbage, you wouldn’t have the need for any of that in the first place.  Supplements aren’t properly utilized and recognized by the body.  They just aren’t.  Your body may assimilate them, sure, but it probably won’t use them the way it’s supposed to.  People have gotten lazy.  Come to rely on potions and pills to provide the nutrition that they need instead of getting it from their food.  Not necessary.  Eat well, be healthy.  It’s a simple formula that has somehow escaped our consciousness.  Let’s get back to it.

It’s not always true, but usually it is.  We pick a side and stick to it.  Either way that we go, it tends to snowball.  So, which side would you rather be on?  The one that leads to health, happiness and longevity?  Or the side that leads the other way?  The choice is up to you, and it’s never ever too late to change the path you’re on.

laziness or activity

Nothing beats fresh!  Fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and anything else you can get your hands on.  And, it’s getting to be harvest time.  Now, if you’re like us, you have a garden in your yard that is producing tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans and herbs on a daily basis.  With the weather being a little cool and a lot wet this year, it’s been an amazing growing season.  I found myself pondering yesterday how I was going to harvest a couple of tomatoes that are so deep in such a dense tomato plant that I can hardly reach in to get them without damaging the plant (our plants are literally about 6′ tall).  We eat what we can, give some away and it looks as though it barely makes a dent.  Now, everyone does not have the ability to have a garden (we are fortunate to).  But that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the good organic fresh fruits and vegetables that are out there.  You can go to your local farmers market and get stuff there.  I saw peaches that looked like softballs the last time I was there.  Not only that, but it’s a great place to get local honey, oils and cheeses straight from the source.  Now, a farmer’s market will cost a little more than at the store, but think of it this way.  First, the quality of the food that you get is going to be so much better than it would be from a commercial farm.  No pesticides or chemicals in this stuff.  Plus, you are supporting local commerce and not the big box farms.  So, go to your local city page and find out when the local farmers market is.  They are usually on the weekends, but they are expanding rapidly.  Aurora expanded to 3 days this year at 3 different locations throughout the city.  Get the good stuff.