In my position as an instructor, I see people every day from all different walks of life.  In our class we talk about a lot of nutrition.  We talk about the USDA/ADA recommendations, and some alternative points of view.  But one of the most popular topics that always comes up is supplements.  I see people with protein shakes, Omega-3’s, multi-vitamins and the Gawd-awful pre-workouts.  And they always ask me what I take for supplements.  My answer is simply that I don’t.  I don’t take any supplements.  I rely on my food to get me what I need on a daily basis, instead of relying on something that is chemically modified to be “better for me.”  There is nothing supplementary out there that your diet cannot and was not meant to provide in the first place.  It’s not like man evolved from our primate relatives and immediately started opening GNC’s.  We have survived for millions of years without the use of chemical supplements that really just showed up in the back half of the last century.  The point is, is that if you spent the money on food that you spend on protein, fat cutters and pre-workout garbage, you wouldn’t have the need for any of that in the first place.  Supplements aren’t properly utilized and recognized by the body.  They just aren’t.  Your body may assimilate them, sure, but it probably won’t use them the way it’s supposed to.  People have gotten lazy.  Come to rely on potions and pills to provide the nutrition that they need instead of getting it from their food.  Not necessary.  Eat well, be healthy.  It’s a simple formula that has somehow escaped our consciousness.  Let’s get back to it.