Patience is a virtue.  What we’ve always been told, right?  I always tell people that patience is a virtue, just not one that I possess.  Ha!  But in our world, the fitness world, it is one that you have to have.  Be serious for a minute.  You’re not going to drop 2 jean sizes in a day or drop 50 lbs. in a month.  Your weight is going to fluctuate, and you’re going to fall off the wagon every now and again.  You’re going to try new workout techniques and they are going to fail.  But nothing great has ever been accomplished without overcoming obstacles.  Thomas Edison had lots of failures before the light bulb and the phonograph.  Betcha that the Wright brothers crashed before they flew.  You’re human.  You’re going to fail.  But the only failure is if you fail to continue.  Keep going!  Keep striving!  Be patient!

Keep Calm