Does this look like the prototypical bully to you?  This is Maria Kang.  She is the mother of 3 and a fitness model and show competitor.  She posted this picture about a year ago, after the birth of her 3rd son.  She posted it on HER OWN Facebook page.  Since then, most of the commentary has been positive and inspirational, but others have accused her of being a bully and “fat-shaming” to the general public.  To these people, I say….GROW UP AND SHUT UP!!  She’s not lucky, she’s definitely NOT a bully.  After she had children, she was inspired to be better than she had been.  To be fit and healthy.  She busted her ASS to make that happen.  Will everybody be able to achieve the levels of success that she has, no.  But they can be better than they were.  To all the moms out there who have gone through the rigors of delivery and made a commitment to make themselves better and fitter afterwards, I give the highest congratulations to.  That’s awesome!!  So many others just use it as an excuse.  It’s sad that that’s what our society has come to, that we can look at that and call her a bully.  Obviously these people don’t know what a bully really is.  They would prefer to point the finger at others, instead of the thumb at themselves.

maria kang