It never ceases to amaze me!  How many people know “so much” about food.  Generally, just enough to be a danger to themselves and others.  To this day, there is this permeating thought that quantity of food will override the quality of what you eat.  What I’m talking about is the thought that if I simply eat less, I’ll weigh less.  The truth could not be FURTHER.  The TRUTH is that the quantity of what you eat is a totally secondary factor to the quality of the food you eat.  You could eat MORE good food, and weigh less than if you ate LESS bad food.  The fact is that with good quality whole foods, the body understands how to process and use what you eat.  Therefore, it is better able to burn and utilize what it’s given.  However, with poor quality food, there are so many things that the body just cannot process and/or use in any way, so it simply stores them away.  And, to boot, you end up deficient in nutrients as well.  So, focus more on WHAT you eat on a daily basis, and less on HOW MUCH you eat.  You’ll be better off.

nutrition--you are what you eat, what you eat becomes a part of you.preview