Are you nuts?!  Or better yet, Got nuts?  OK, now that I’ve got 7th grade out of my system, there is some truth to both.  In recent studies, it has been shown that people who consume considerable amounts of nuts (about 2 handfuls) per day end up curbing their appetite and eating less through the course of the entire day.  They actually consume fewer calories, because they are not as hungry as often.  A recent study at Purdue University nutrition labs was done with almonds and bore out these results.  However, I have read studies with walnuts, cashews and hazelnuts (more recently) that bring similar results to light.  Plus, nuts also contain good sources of fat-soluble vitamins (E, in particular), which have terrific health benefits, including antioxidant functions.  We do, however, try to limit the use of PEAnuts, as they are not really nuts.  Peanuts are actually legumes, like beans and peas.  They also have a very high rate of intolerance and contamination.  So, go nuts!  Get a couple of handfuls each day and be healthier and happier!