No, this isn’t a post about all the bad choices that I’ve made that I feel bad about.  That’s a book, not a blog (maybe and encyclopedia).  No, this is more inspirational than that (I hope so, anyway).  Can you answer what is the most popular day to start a diet…or an exercise program, for that matter?  Most of you probably said Monday.  Well, the answer is “tomorrow”.  I’ll start tomorrow.  How many people have ever said that?  Tomorrow is everyone’s favorite day to do anything that you don’t want to, because it never comes, and there is always another one around the corner.  It offers both hope and procrastination at the same time.  What better combination is there than that?  However, it is often accompanied by it’s evil cousin, regret.  Because after you don’t do something tomorrow, you always wish that you would have done it yesterday.  Then you’d be done and on to the next thing in your life.  Remember, the only workout that you’ll regret, in the long run, is the one that you don’t do.  Even if it’s just 20 minutes.  Or just a cardio day (had one of those yesterday, as a matter of fact).  It’s SOMETHING!  So get out and do it.  You’ll feel better, and not have to worry about the regret.