I know it’s a day late here at The Truth, but you know how I like my schedules.  Keeping everyone on track and such.  You also know that sometimes, I like to deviate from my normal mission and speak of things that are bigger and more important in the grand scheme of life than health and fitness.  Support Our TroopsAny-who, yesterday was Veteran’s Day.  It’s a day that too many of us take for granted.  This is a day that we should give thanks.  Thanks to those who have given all that they have so we can have all that we WANT.  We have seen all the protests over Wall Street, Obamacare (don’t get me started), politics, religion, etc.  Do you know why we can do that?  Because soldiers fight for those rights every day.  They lay down the law and sometimes their lives so that we can remain free to do whatever we want to (within reason) whenever we can.  So, how do you thank someone for that?  You say it with your words.  Thank a Veteran for their service.  They deserve it.  Regardless of your politics, remember….soldiers don’t CHOOSE where to go, and cannot say “No”.  They go where they’re told and do what they’re told.  Say it with your actions.  Be respectful to those who have served.  They have seen and done more than you or I could ever imagine in the name of freedom.  So, hang your Flag and be proud of what you are.  Just never forget who allows us to be proud of that each and every day.