OK, back to reality here at The Truth.  How many of you, over the course of years, have tried about 20 DIFFERENT exercise programs?  And how many of you know someone else who tried the exact SAME program only to have the exact opposite results that you did (either good or bad)?  Well, why does it work for them, and not for you?  Or why did it work for you and not for them?  The answer lies in what the proprietors of these programs DON’T say.  Is that the same cookie cutter program isn’t for everyone.  No matter who or what it is.  How many people got great results in the 80’s from step class?  How many people would have rather chewed a cyanide pill?  Same answer.  The biggest thing that we have to do when planning fitness/wellness programs for ourselves and others is to remember that the same shoe doesn’t fit every foot (it’s OK to feel special like Cinderella for a minute).  If you have tried something recently and hated it, don’t get frustrated, just find something else.  Whether it’s Spinning, or bodybuilding or crossfitting or what have you, everyone has a fit.  You just have to find YOURS.  I know what I like, and more importantly, what DOES and DOESN’T work in my fitness routine.  And when I plan for my clients, I have the same thought process in mind.  They’re not all the same, so neither are their programs.  They have to be somewhat unique to each individual, and it’s all to common to forget about that, even for professionals.  So find what you like.  Do it, and stick to it.  Don’t be afraid to experiment, but have a base of what works, and you will be much better off.

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