So, as you can probably guess, this will be our only posting here for the week.  I love you guys, but not nearly enough to go to work on a National Holiday (don’t be offended).  Anyway, I just want to take the opportunity to make sure that all you people out there in The Land of The Truth ENJOY your Thanksgiving holiday.  This is a time for celebration and joy.  So many people are going to fret and stress about what they are eating and how much fat and how many calories are being consumed in just one day.  Listen.  Forget about it.  Just for a day.  Part of my mission here is to teach people to be healthy and HAPPY.  One of the things that ruins happiness the most is constantly stressing out about what you eat.  Now, you all know that I am NOT saying that you have carte blanche to eat whatever and whenever.  You KNOW better than that.  However, take some time for you.  Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy your family.  And if you don’t like your family, enjoy your friends.  Whatever works, I promise not to judge.  But whoever you are with, you will drive them NUTS if you are stressing about fats and calories, etc.  If you are really feeling guilty, join a local Turkey Trot in the morning.  You’ll feel justified for burning off some pre-meal calories and the monies always go to a good cause.  But relax the rest of the day or even the weekend if that is what is required.  You can easily jump back on the horse next week.  You’ll have 3 full weeks to fret until Christmas.  So, Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your family.  Enjoy your friends.  Enjoy your food.  Enjoy your life!

charlie brown thanksgiving