Truthfully, that was misleading.  This isn’t a post about weight lifting at all.  Not about good ol’ Arnold and his books and methodologies.  It’s actually about your food.  Did you know that Iron is a very important part  of your diet?  Well, it’s also one of the most commonly deficient nutrients out there, as well.

First off, let’s look at what Iron is for.  For each and every one of us, there is a structure in your blood called Hemoglobin (Hb).  This Hemoglobin’s job is to carry Oxygen (as well as other stuff) to your cells so that it can be used to create energy for you to perform your daily functions.  So, follow the chain of events here.  If you lack Iron in your bloodstream, then your body cannot properly create enough Hemoglobin.  If you can’t create Hemoglobin, then you cannot carry a sufficient amount of Oxygen to your cells.  If your cells don’t get the Oxygen, you can’t create enough energy.  How do you feel when your body cannot consistently create energy?  Tired, right?  Chronically fatigued.  Which is one of the primary symptoms of the condition, Anemia.  Anemia, which is most commonly caused by a lack of Iron in the bloodstream.

So, you have to increase the Iron in your diet (assuming your are somewhat deficient).  But where do you get it?  Well, your best source of Iron is simply red meat (sorry vegetarians).  Per unit of food, red meat blows away the next best sources.  However, there are other sources of Iron out there, including leafy greens (the darker, the better), eggs (YOLK part), beans, lentils and chick peas.  Also, if you are getting Iron, make sure to get enough Vitamin C, as well.  It helps your body use the Iron the way that it’s supposed to.  So, there is your daily physiology lesson, all wrapped up in food, as usual.  So, go have a steak and get some energy!