January 2014

Now, I may take some heat for this.  My clientele may come out and think that this is about them.  It’s not.  I promise.  But what we know and what we continuously find out all the time is that consistency is the key to success.  No excuses, no issues, no rationalizations.  So many new gym goers give up so quickly because they are not seeing the results that they want in the time span that they think they should.  So they quit and say that it wasn’t worth it or it wasn’t working.  But just like anything else, exercise is a SKILL.  And skills need to be practiced.  Now, that being said, practice does NOT make perfect, as the old adage goes.  Practice makes PERMANENT.  It’s good to be consistent, but you have to be consistently GOOD.   If you practice exercise poorly (a discussion that I have with person after person that I come in contact with), you will only emphasize and promote poor movement and long-term injury.  But so many people are not willing to put in the consistent practice to make sure that what they do, they do WELL.  It is just like your mother always told you when you were a kid….Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing well.  So be good at it!  But you have to practice.  And in order to practice, you need to BE THERE.  Get consistent.  Get good!

Hard Before Easy

What is good to eat?  It’s a question that trainers and health experts have been getting……well, since there were trainers and health experts.  So, here are just a few simple dietary must haves (in my humble opinion) that you should get some of each and every day:

1.  Quality proteins – Fiber One bars and Clif Bars don’t count.  These are low quality sources of protein (and that’s being generous).  Quality proteins include things like eggs, lean grass-fed meats and dairy.  If you’re not of the animal eating club, then things like nuts and seeds (almonds, chia and quinoa work well, just to name a few).  Try to avoid the packaged and processed as much as possible, just like you would with anything.

2.  Quality Fat sources – Over the course of time, the media and limited research have turned fats into a dirty F-word.  The fact is that the body needs fats to survive and properly function.  Good sources include things like EVOO, Coconut milks and oils (great source of vital saturated fats and the oil is great to cook with).  Again, eggs are a great fat source and completely nutrient packed.  Avocados, flax and chia seeds, walnuts, cashews and the list goes on.

3.  Nutrient dense foods – Nutrient dense defines a food that packs a whole lot of nutrition into a small amount of food.  Colorful fruits and most vegetables.  The fresher the better.  Remember, the more that something is processed and rendered, the less nutritious is becomes.  So, the closer that you can get things to their natural state, the better.  If you can grow it yourself, then even BETTER!

4.  Balance – The biggest thing that one needs on a daily dietary basis is balance.  Diets that cut out entire food groups just don’t work.  Or fads that promise quick and huge results.  Your carb/fat/protein ratios should be a lot closer than you think.  I like to try to make about 1/3 of my calories FAT, and a quarter to a third protein.  Great nutrition (good sources, of course), and I’m less hungry all day long.  The sugars get limited, for the most part, to natural sugars (fruit, honey, etc.).  Try to limit the processed stuff whenever you can.  But remember, that there also has to be a note of desirability to what you eat every day.  If you hate everything you eat, you are less likely to stick to the plan long term.

Eat well!


So, everyone should call their mother and tell them that they were right.  Not about the clothes she put you in, but the fact that she made you eat breakfast and said it was the most important meal of the day!  New studies at the Tel Aviv University showed that people who ate a heartier breakfast (about 700 kcal) were able to better regulate their metabolism throughout the day, and ended up losing more weight than groups who ate smaller breakfasts and larger dinners.  The test groups all ate the same amount of calories through the course of the day, the only difference was how they were distributed.  One group ate less at breakfast and more at dinner, the other just the opposite.  Now, the foods weren’t Krispy Kreme’s and Cocoa Puffs, however.  They were filled with things like scrambled eggs, milk, whole wheat toast and even some tuna (not my choice of meat in eggs, but to each their own).  So, don’t skip breakfast.  Don’t skimp on it either.  Your body and your metabolism will thank you.


Well Hello there!  I’ve missed you guys.  It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve written.  Probably because it has.  Crazy Christmas, holidays and sicknesses.  Anyway, I’m going to start 2014 off with an easy one.  I want you guys to fill in the blank, and respond in the comments.  We’ll see what kind of answers we get!  I’m excited.  Answer the following question:

My WELLNESS goal for 2014 is _________________.

Now, keep in mind, that wellness is a much broader umbrella than is fitness.  Fitness is part of it, but not all of it.  So, therefore, your goal does not have to do with fitness, as such.  To give an example.  MY wellness goal for 2014 is patience.  Patience, people will tell you, is a virtue.  It is just one that I do not generally possess.  So, I am going to try to be more patient in 2014.  I believe that this will help me to be less stressed overall, and achieve a better sense of fitness and wellness.  See, it is all connected.  So, what is YOUR wellness goal for 2014.  I’m eager to hear your responses.