So, everyone should call their mother and tell them that they were right.  Not about the clothes she put you in, but the fact that she made you eat breakfast and said it was the most important meal of the day!  New studies at the Tel Aviv University showed that people who ate a heartier breakfast (about 700 kcal) were able to better regulate their metabolism throughout the day, and ended up losing more weight than groups who ate smaller breakfasts and larger dinners.  The test groups all ate the same amount of calories through the course of the day, the only difference was how they were distributed.  One group ate less at breakfast and more at dinner, the other just the opposite.  Now, the foods weren’t Krispy Kreme’s and Cocoa Puffs, however.  They were filled with things like scrambled eggs, milk, whole wheat toast and even some tuna (not my choice of meat in eggs, but to each their own).  So, don’t skip breakfast.  Don’t skimp on it either.  Your body and your metabolism will thank you.