We’re going to start a small series here.  Just for fun.  I’m calling it Pick One.  What you will be presented with is a question.  Respond in comments.  I look forward to all the responses from you all.  So, we’ll start with an easy one.  The question for today is….

If you could pick ONE exercise that you could do, what would it be?

I would choose the Squat, and here’s why.  I find the squat to be one of the most functional and versatile exercises around.  First off, what else are you going to do more in your day than sit down and stand up?  It is about the most common functional movement in the history of man (next to walking).  Now, as for the exercise itself, the best part about it is the variety that you can employ with it.  Back squat, front squat, overhead, stability ball, single-leg.  The list goes on and on.  And with these different varieties, you can stress the body in so many different ways.  You can include HUGE contributions from the core muscles (front and overhead), you can work on proprioception and balance (single-leg and SB), you can even involve some upper body stuff (overhead).  So, to me, I LOVE the squat.  I like to include some form of them in my workouts each and every week.

So, if YOU could only pick ONE, what would it be?