Fitness myths.  OK, so we could write an entire BOOK on the topic.  Everything from eat fat, get fat to lifting as a kid will stunt your growth.  Silly things that somewhere along the line caught some traction and started becoming “accepted knowledge”.  So today, I’m looking for yours.  We can have some fun with this one because there is so much RIDICULOUS information out there that when you apply the logic test, you say “are you serious?!”  MY personal favorite is that women shouldn’t lift weights because they don’t want to “bulk up”.  This is a prevailing myth up to and including the publish of this article.  If I had a dollar for every time that I heard “I want to tone up, but I don’t want to get big”, I’d be writing this from my own private island, as opposed to this deep-freeze that I call home.  Lifting weights will NOT turn women into men.  You will NOT build huge bulging biceps or monstrous pecs or get a big ass.  It’s not in the cards.  The reason that guys are able to see so much more muscular growth is that they have exponentially higher levels of testosterone in their blood stream.  Testosterone is the hormone MOST responsible for muscular growth.  Now, do women have testosterone?  Yes.  Do some have more than others?  Also true.  However, no (I repeat NO) female is going to turn into Arnold no matter how much lifting you do.  What you will turn into is a stronger, more functional athlete and person overall, but who wants that?  So, what’s YOUR biggest fitness myth?  I look forward to hearing the silliness that prevails!

Fantasy vs. Reality Strong Girl