Great question!  On one hand, sports are what get most kids active.  Rec leagues, park districts and athletic associations keep kids moving and teach them valuable skills, both physical and psychosocial.  They learn motor devlopment, strength, stamina, leadership, teamwork and all manner of other great stuff on a daily basis.  However, on the other hand, as sports progress through the levels and become more elite, they also become more inherently dangerous.  Ask any athlete who played sports even through a competitive high school level to tell you about their injury list.  I played competitive sports for over 20 years, and escaped relatively unscathed.  But my list still includes bone bruises, some fractures (digits mostly) and a couple of concussions.  That’s pretty light.  I’ve watched teammates and adversaries blow out knees and ankles, injure their backs and get knocked unconscious.  These things happen.  And what of the long-term effects?  Arthritis, lingering pains and now even with the stuff about CTE.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I owe a lot of what I am and what I have to sports.  Even high level sports.  But the fact is is that we revere elite athletes to the point of ridiculousness.  People say that “Oh, they’re getting paid to play a game.”  Just want to point out the other side, is all.  Food for thought.