OK, I haven’t done this in quite a while, so you’ll have to forgive my writing rust.  However, there is just some stuff going on that really chaps my hide, and I want to go off for a minute.

I am so sick and tired of people crying and yelling about consequences for their words and actions.  Now, get this straight…..I believe in the 1st Amendment that protects your freedom of speech.  You have the right to say just about anything that you want, short of hate crimes.  And I will defend your right to say it.  But you also then have to understand that people like, oh I don’t know, your employer, have the right to disagree with what you say.  And if they decide that what you say publicly and on social media is not the proper representation of what their beliefs are as a company, then they may very well decide to part ways with you!  Duh!  It’s the same thing that we teach our children every day of their lives.  Words and actions have consequences!  You know this.  You are not ENTITLED to shit!  If you go on social media and gripe and bitch about your job every day, don’t turn around and cry discrimination when you get canned!  Hope Solo found this out this week, and she is yelling that it’s not fair.  She got a 2nd chance after a domestic violence issue, and a DUI issue.  Think it might be an accumulation of stupidity?  Just maybe?  I can look through my Facebook feed on any given day and find people bitching about their job, boss, friends, etc.  Guess what?  That has consequences.  You’re going to get fired, you’re going to piss people off!

Now, I understand, as well that a lot of you are going to read this and have some pointed things to say to me.  Great.  It’s your right.  You have the right to disagree with me.  I GET IT.  I can take it.  But I just wanted to get that out.  I am tired of people thinking that they can say/do whatever they want to regardless of how it makes other people feel.